Vegan Breakfasts



People often ask me what I eat for breakfast as a vegan. Surprisingly, breakfast is one of the easiest meals a day as a Vegan!

  • Cereal with almond milk and berries.
  • Toast with peanut butter, almond butter, jam, etc.
  • A vegan muffin with apple slices and avocado
  • Oatmeal with raisins, nuts, fruit, etc. (this option is perfect for a cold winter morning!)
  • Salad! sometimes in the summer or late spring, salad with fruit tastes amazing for breakfast. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It also feels great to know you’ve started your day with a big serving of greens.

*Just having any food you want instead of a “breakfast food” also works. Who says breakfast needs to be cereal, toast, or bacon and eggs?

Sometimes there are also those days where you miss the kind of giant greasy breakfasts you used to have. Its not that you crave actual bacon and eggs, but you want that experience of having a warm, savoury, and slightly greasy breakfast. Well you totally still can have that! I don’t expect run of the mill diners to be offering great vegan breakfasts any time soon (though you can hack the menu to come up with great options!) but you can make delicious vegan breakfasts for lazy weekend mornings at home, which also means you don’t have to change out of your pyjamas or even try to look presentable.

Here are my favourite deluxe vegan breakfast ideas:

  • Garlic sautéed avocado with caramelized onions on toast, baked sweet potato hash browns with coconut oil, sea salt, and whatever herbs you like (i suggest chipotle and rosemary), crispy fried mushrooms, and some toast (you might want to use earth balance if you really want that diner experience). And then some crispy maple bacon tempeh! To make it lower in calories: use a teaspoon of oil, for the tempeh and avocado, have 1/4 baked sweet potato with no oil,  add onions, tomato, zucchini to the dish to add low calorie volume, don’t have toast, etc.
  • Instead of a BLT, have a TAT, aka tempeh, avocado, tomato. And of course you could add lettuce for some crisp and also some crispy baked mushrooms which make any dish better! I prefer to eat this open faced because I can savour it more that way. And you definitely should mash the avocado because it holds the sandwich together that way.
  • English muffins, tofu scramble,  potato hash-browns, and vegan sausages.I recommend cooking the vegan sausages with a little maple syrup!

These suggestions are delicious, cruelty free, and even though they are not super low calorie, its certainly far lower in saturated fat than typical diner meals.

Here are just a few quick suggestions on eating breakfast at non vegan friendly places:

  • If they serve omelettes, they could easily just make you a veggie sauté with hash browns
  • Grilled tomatoes on toast is possible for pretty much any restaurant.
  • Then there is always the standbys like oatmeal. Since oatmeal is pretty plain at typical eggs and bacon style diners,  you could add peanut butter and jelly to your oatmeal or ask for some fruit. If they serve berry pancakes you could ask to have some berries in your oatmeal.

Hope this was helpful to someone out there! What are your favourite vegan breakfast options?

Until next time!



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