No More Starbucks Seasonal Drinks for Me

So I’m at a crossroads, guys.

I love Starbucks. Nothing turns my day around like a sweet, warm, velvety Caramel Brulée Latte. And the red cups that are parading around campus lately? They’re so dang charming (putting the whole where-is-any-indication-of-Christmas controversy aside).

But, I recently learned something that rattled me pretty hard. These cups are not recyclable because they actually have a plastic component to the seemingly cardboard material. The sleeve and the lid, sure, recycle away. But the bulk of your drink’s package? You’re out of luck.

Apparently they’re “working on it” and encourage us to work on it “with them” by bringing our own travel mugs.

Don’t put this shit on us, Starbucks! The whole page on their recycling initiatives comes across as lazy and profit-hungry. If they truly were concerned about their environmental impact, the very cups that tote around their profits all day would be addressed.

This isn’t, however, meant to be a Starbucks rant. It’s meant to underscore the fact that I’m changing my habits, even my beloved ones, because those habits are shitty.

It’s not necessarily that I can’t drink Starbucks lattes/holiday drinks/delicious liquid desserts anymore. It’s that I won’t. And I think that’s an important difference. We have the ability to go about our routine everyday without once considering the social and environmental implications of these behaviors, but we also have the ability to change these behaviors. It’s our will, and our prerogative, to do better for our Earth. So, no, I don’t need a damn drink so much that I’m willing to blindly disconnect myself with the environmental waste that the cup imposes.

It’s the same with a burger. Or a hunk of chicken. I don’t need either of these things so desperately that I’m willing to put the amout of manufacturing, processing, and resources that it took to get to the plate in front of me aside.

Change is uncomfortable, but it’s less uncomfortable than knowing that my stupid need for an extravagant holiday drink is contributing to a load of stinky garbage somewhere – dampening someone else’s quality of life and harming my sweet planet at the same time.

What do you guys think? Are there any things that you’ve given up once you knew about their impact on the environment?

Pce n’ love,



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